4th Class Ms Maguire

Hello everyone, we miss you all and we hope everyone is staying safe looking after their family and being mindful and responsible of their actions remember manners costs nothing!


Ms Murphy and Ms Maguire have came up with some activities to keep you going for two weeks!

This may look like a lot of work but you have two whole weeks to do it!

Try to have a normal learning day as much as possible. 9am-2pm for example, but 2-3 hours is fine. Everything below is optional however we would be so impressed if our pupils took the initiative and really tried to do some of the work below



  1. 1 hour a day minimum! 1 page of Read at Home Every Day.
  2. Keep a daily diary.
  3. Read as much as possible and write a book report every time you finish a book.
  4. Look on twinkl.ieto see examples of book reports if you need to. Also twinkl have a free trial for parents this month! 
  5. Do a page of read at home each day- read and answers questions
  6. Watch RTE Newstoday – write about one story that you liked or something new that you learned.
  7. Read your library book – summarise your book, write a book review, write about your favourite scene, write about your favourite character. Also draw your favourite scene and favourite character.


  1. World Vision Ireland’s Climate Change essay competition 2020. Challenge: Boys and Girls there Is a competition that we should enter and I know how amazing you all are and well capable of writing an essay. “World Vision Ireland’s Climate Change essay competition 2020. Entries will be narrowed down to the final ten, and celebrity judge Ryan Tubridy will choose the winning essay. The winner will get the chance to meet Ryan Tubridy in the RTE studios and will also win a €500 Smyths voucher. (Remember when we did the “Design an environmental themed poster focusing on Anti-Litter Water Conservation Energy Conservation Waste Prevention” well the same information except you are going to write about climate change. Use twinkle as a resource to help you find information of kiddle.co. https://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/home or feel free to use google to find more information but make sure you’re under adult supervision at all time when researching. Attached is the competition link here https://www.worldvision.ie/essay-competition. Guidelines for your essay -Write in future tense 3 or 4 paragraphs about 2 pages, 5 w’s non chronological order. The closing date isn’t until April 30th so we have loads of time to work on this, remember mind map your work first! (if we are still out and not back in school you can post this with your family do this before the 28th otherwise we will do this in school).
  2. Sticking with our theme for the month can everyone please write a Newspaper report (1 full page), you have a choice you can write a newspaper report on something relevant in our news today such as the coronavirus or you can write a report on anything you desire that is in the newspaper and interests you. Use the twinkle website to help you prepare for your news report we did this last year. Type in (features of a newspaper report) into the twinkle website and the information will come back to you, also if you need a newspaper report template type that in too and write on this.
  3. Saint Patrick’s Day Word Search on twinkle download and print it off if you have access to a printer.
  4. Formal and informal letters can be practiced over the next 2 weeks too. (Penpal – informal , complaint letter – formal – remember the rules of letter writing)


  1. 30min a day minimum. 
  2. Complete any Ceart Litriú pages you missed during the year.
  3. Don’t do any new pages! Please log on to your duolingo account as much as possible. Speak to your family in Irish as much as you can.
  4. Type in to twinkle and in the search box write “Conversation Cards Gaeilge” and ask and answer the questions to loved ones or to yourself, practice makes perfect.



  1. Our Mathletics trial could not have come at a better time! Keep checking in to see your Maths teacher has set any assignments. But you can play and explore as much as you like. Log in info in your homework journals! mathletics.com
  2. Learn all of your tables!!!! Write out two of them every day and get tested!



  1. We are studying China. Here are some useful websites to explore. Impress your teacher with a home-made China individual project!
  2. This site is free for all Irish kids to use and can be great for looking up anything you might be researching. Lots about China here too: World Book Online
  3. National Geographic
  4. BBC Bitesize
  5. Ducksters: China
  6. Draw the Chinese Flag. Write down 5 bits of information about The Great Wall of China. Write out the Chinese Alphabet – write your name/animals/grandparents etc. in Chinese. Read about the story the Chinese New Year, find out what animal you were born in, your parents, siblings and other family members.


  1. TIME CAPSULE – WE ARE LIVING THROUGH A HUGE PIECE OF HISTORY RIGHT NOW. So you can write a letter or a Diary entry to yourself. Write your age, who your friends are, who is in your family, your favourite, song, sport, hobby etc. Write about what’s going on now in our world (talk to your family about this – coronavirus) write this in your own words. Tell your future self how your feeling right now. Talk about what you would like to be doing in years to come when you grow up. After you have done this roll it up put this in a bottle and burry it in a safe place with your family. Or If you have a current newspaper in the house cut out relevant articles and put them into a lunch box or scrapbook to remind your future self what you were going through at this age, when you look back at these in years to come and burry it too. Also take some pictures of you and your family then print them out and put them into the box too.



  1. With carboard construct spring flowers, make a vase? Here is a link to give you some fun Spring ideas artprojectsforkids
  2. Drawing: Draw at least one cool picture a day. Use a drawing app if you run out of paper and take a screen shot! Some ideas: Draw a picture based on a book you are reading or the Read at Home page you did today.
  3. You can use ‘Art for Kids Hub’ on YouTube to learn how to draw different things.




  1. Mindfulness is very important right now so practice your mindfulness everyday for 20 minutes.
  2. Mindfulness colouring, play a board game or better yet use your own imagination to create your own board game and play it with your family. Do some yoga and help around the house.




  1. At least 30mins-1hour every day. Some ideas for you.
  2. Dancing
  3. Laps of the garden,
  4. keepy ups
  5. or have fun on gonoodle.com
  6. We are meant to be doing Dance so why not make up your own dance and show me when we get back to class.
  7. Use tic toc app or go-noodle to learn a dance and practice it.
  8. Write out the Lyrics to a new song you love but don’t know all the words to yet. Learn the Song off by heart. Create a cool dance to go with the song.
  9. Look at 10@10 on RTE Jr  for some active videos.
  10. Cosmic Kids have yoga videos on YouTube.