3rd Class Ms O’Driscoll

Hi All.


I hope you are all well and Happy St Patrick’s Day.


This is a whole new way of learning. As much as possible treat these weeks, not as holidays but as learning days!

Monday to Friday each day after breakfast put on your learning cap for about 2 hours.

I have included lots of ideas for interesting activities, work and learning websites. Feel free to  do anything Mr Kelly puts up too!


Each day try to read and write with a pencil. Use your homework copy if you have it but any lined paper will do. Write a diary entry and tell us how your day went. I know I don’t have to tell some of you bookworms to read but we can read anything – a book, a website, a kindle, a comic, a magazine, cereal boxes, instructions for a game. I will put suggestions on your Seesaw Account. Class log in QR code is at the end of this note.


Each day practice counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 8s,9s,10s.

I will put Maths assignments on Mathletics for everyone. Remember to use Mathletics as often as possible!!


Each day look at Seesaw for a simple Irish activity.


Write a home made project about The Vikings. There are lots of sites giving you lots of information. Your project should include pictures and reports. Here are some headings to write under

Who were the Vikings?

Viking raids and weapons

Viking homes

Viking clothes and jewellery

Viking ships



The Vikings. Log on to twinkl.com and read the powerpoint about the Vikings.

Log on to Scoilnet.ie and select BBC bitesize The Vikings,  BBC Schools Vikings   

www.Dublinia.ie  has an ineractive map of Dublin

World Book Online




ARTS: Write out the Lyrics to a new song you love but don’t know all the words to yet. Learn the Song off by heart. Create a cool dance to go with the song.

Drawing: Draw at least one cool picture a day. Use a drawing app if you run out of paper and take a screen shot! Some ideas: Draw 1 Superhero/monster or original creation a day. You could even draw a picture based on a book you are reading you did today.

SPHE: Stay Safe. Talk to your trusted adults about what we have learned especially about Internet safety.

PE: At least 30mins-1hour every day. Some ideas for you. Dancing, Laps of the garden, keepy ups, or have fun on gonoodle or youtube has a great compilation of Fortnite dances. Try to do them all!!


Have fun and stay cool!

Talk to you on Seesaw!!

Ms O’Driscoll



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