3rd Class Mr Kelly

Hi everybody! Sorry I missed last week!

**Everything below is 100% optional. If you and your family decide not to do any or all of this that is perfectly fine!! Nobody will be in trouble or be expected to show me work in April! Feel free to do any OR all of the activities below or even what Ms O’Driscoll puts up here. You can mix and match activities from both classes if you like.

Activities to keep you going for two weeks! This may look like a lot of work but  you have two whole weeks to do it! Try to have a normal learning day as much as possible. At least 2-3 hours a day would be fine! Have fun and play lots of boardgames/cardgames or computer games after some school work if you like.

English:  1 hour a day minimum!

We have not used Seesaw before with our class but I am setting up one now. It’s a great way for me to send everyone work to do and you can even send things back to me on a phone or tablet. I will be in touch with parents about this through Aladdin Connect and my teacher email. 


1 page of Read at Home Every Day.

Keep a daily diary.

Do as much handwriting in your workbook or handwriting copy as you like!

Read as much as possible and write a book review every time you finish a book.  Book reviews should mention the Author, Main Characters, Plot summary, your favourite part and a star rating, (3/5 Stars) You can look at examples of book review’s on twinkl. Twinkl have a free trial for parents this month!

You can continue to study your Irish animal for your powerpoint assignment. Complete this on powerpoint yourself if you like or you can do it on sheets or in your copy. Example here. If you were absent you can pick any wild Irish animal you like and research them. Describe your animal fully. You should research your animals’ habitat, food, young etc. Make a fact file and a quiz for your animal. Sketch your animal. https://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/home  or www.kiddle.co


Irish: 30min a day minimum.

Complete any Ceart Litriú pages you missed during the year. Don’t do any new pages! Please log on to your duolingo account as much as possible. Speak to your family in Irish as much as you can. Remember your log in details should be written in your journal. www.duolingo.com


Our Mathletics trial could not have come at a better time! Keep checking in to see your Maths teacher has set any assignments. But you can play and explore as much as you like. Log in info in your homework journals! www.mathletics.com

Learn all of your tables!!!! Write out two of them every day and get tested!

Maths activity for this week: A 4pack of toilet roll costs €2.69. Search your house for loose change. Look under the couch, chairs, rugs etc. Add up all the loose change you find and figure out how many packets of toilet roll you can buy. How many rolls will that be? (Make sure you get permission)


We are supposed to be studying The Vikings (My Favourite!!) Here are some useful websites to explore. Impress your teacher with a home-made Viking project!

This site is free for all Irish kids to use and can be great for looking up anything you might be researching. Lots about the Vikings here too: https://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/home

This site has lots of information about the Vikings in Ireland and even an interactive map of what Dublin looked like back then. www.dublinia.ie

This site has lots of interesting information that kids can understand about the Vikings but the videos do not play in Ireland https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/ztyr9j6

TIME CAPSULE – WE ARE LIVING THROUGH A HUGE PIECE OF HISTORY RIGHT NOW. So you can write a letter or a Diary entry to yourself. Write your age, who your friends are, who is in your family, your favourite, song, sport, hobby etc. Write about what’s going on now in our world. Tell your future self how your feeling right now. Talk about what you would like to be doing in years to come when you grow up. After you have done this roll it up put this in a bottle and bury it in a safe place with your family. Or If you have a current newspaper in the house cut out relevant articles and put them into a lunch box or scrapbook to remind your future self what you were going through at this age, when you look back at these in years to come and bury it too. Also take some pictures of you and your family then print them out and put them into the box too.


Write out the Lyrics to a new song you love but don’t know all the words to yet. Learn the Song off by heart. Create a cool dance to go with the song.

Drawing: Draw at least one cool picture a day. Use a drawing app if you run out of paper and take a screen shot! Some ideas: Draw 1 Superhero/monster or original creation a day. You could even draw a picture based on a book you are reading or the Read at Home page you did today.


Complete any missing pages in your Stay Safe Sheet. Talk to your trusted adults about what we have learned.


At least 30mins-1hour every day. Some ideas for you. Dancing, Laps of the garden, keepy ups, or have fun on www.gonoodle.com

Have fun and stay safe!

From Mr Kelly