3rd Class

 Mr Kelly’s Bakers

Mr Kelly’s Class think that it can be delicious to learn!

Ms Murphy’s Artists

Ms Murphy’s class have some creative ideas!

Our First Trip

 Parent’s Evening

Third class had a wonderful time at their first parents evening!

Glendower Park Trip

Third Class had a fantastic first trip to Glendower Park. Look at the great pictures below!

Writing Procedures

Third Class have been learning the importance of writing procedures correctly and accuratley this month. However, they got a little carried away with the baking side of things!

The Great Elf Invasion of 2016


Third class discovered an unwanted guest this Christmas. Elfonzo, a naughty Elf from the North Pole, caused mayhem down in the third class corridor. Ms Walsh was almost driven mad. The children seemed to enjoy it however!

Third Class Aviva Trip 2016

Third class had a very merry time at the Aviva this year